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A cheap android tablet, with a physical and innovative keyboard: Binatone readMe

Find innovative products in the world of technology it is very complicated, but that they are usable and not junk that only look for that rarity to distinguish itself, it is even more difficult, but the impossible is achieved if we also talk about a low cost product like the Binatone ReadMe that today we present, a tablet without Honeycomb (great success) that incorporates a Very usable physical keyboard on the same table bodyt, as if it were a large telephone, yes, as is.

And as we have said on other occasions, it is thanks to Android that small companies can poke their heads in the competitive world of technology, and thanks to their ingenuity and effort they can stand up to large companies, after all, what matters, their software, Android, is in all the same or similar. A standardization that enriches the ecosystem. But let's see more of this curious Tablet.

The Binatone company wants to sell this tablet half as ereader, very similar in concept to the Kindle, and half tablet, since the OS is much more advanced and versatile than that of an e-reader, but as in these cases, the factor that the distance is the type of screen, LCD touch compared to electronic ink. This Binatone RadMe comes with Android 2.1 that for many will seem absurd and outdated but that shows once again that it is not necessary to have the latest OS in the products that carry android, simply carry the one you need according to its function, and if it is true that Froyo 2.2 would not hurt, the user and the use that should be given to this tablet does not imply or require another version of Android.

7 ? screen (non-touch) 800 x 400 pixels and as we see a physical keyboard with a pad or joystick to navigate and handle comfortably. Wifi- connection and storage of 2GB (We do not have more technical details, waiting for it to be officially released during this summer) The best comes with the price as it would cost around ? 140

It is probably not the perfect gadget, but it opens the way and explore new ways of using android and look for hybrids in a user's need, have a device to read, navigate and interact with our content and digital lives.

Source: Eurodroid