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7 details you didn't know about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 16

After months of speculation, we finally have the expected 16-inch MacBook Pro here. Beyond the aforementioned 16 inches, this device brings new features such as a new scissor mechanism for the keyboard, which replaces the current butterfly keyboard that so many headaches has given Apple, as well as an improved system of sound, or a more effective heat dissipation system. In addition to the improvements indicated by Apple, keep reading to discover 7 details of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro that you haven't been told.

1 New sensor to detect the angle at which the screen is used.

While it is true that what comes to be the cover of the new MacBook Pro has not changed compared to what it was in the 15-inch one, I know that they have incorporated a new sensor much more sophisticated to know in which angle it is, located on the lower left side and whose speculated function at the moment will be gather information for Apple about the use of the lid, although we can see other functions in future updates of macOS.

MacBook 16

2 Ms space for the audio system and new speakers for improved sound.

Apple has made the decision to give more space for the 16-inch MacBook Pro speakers, besides giving it a sound system with new woofers at the top and bottom. While many experts wonder why Apple is moving, users welcome this improved sound system.

3 New microphone system for clearer audio input.

With the improvement of the speakers there has also been an improvement in the capture of sound by the computer. 3 microphones that promise studio quality have been installed on the new MacBook to offer a clearer sound pickup, a reduction in the whistle and an improved signal / noise ratio that aims to ?rival the most popular professional microphones?, According to Apple in its press release.

Interior Macbook Pro 16

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4 An irreparable keyboard.

From Cupertino they must feel very confident with the inclusion of their new keyboard system. If we follow the script of what iFixit has published regarding the "reparability" of the keyboard of the new MacBook, this is "practically" irreparable. Possibly Apple has its techniques if the time has come to do it, as it has happened so far with the current Macbook. But seeing the failures that occurred in the MacBooks from 2016 to this same 2019, they have not prevented improving the reparability of the keyboard in case of a reoccurrence like the one we suffered. Is this a declaration of intent or a clumsy failure regarding the new keyboard?

Apple does not improve the reparability of the keyboard of the new MacBook, which suggests that they feel very confident with the new system.

5 ?Compatibility? with the Desktop Magic Keyboard.

In his ad, the apple company said that for the new ?Magic Keyboard? (as they have baptized the new keyboard system) had been inspired by the current desktop Magic Keyboard. So much is the inspiration that we can exchange keys between one and the other, since in addition the keys of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro can be easily removed in case we want to clean our keyboard, or exchange some key for another of the white Magic Keyboard.

magic keyboard

Image source: iFixit

6 A large battery at the height of a large computer.

The battery has not been spared improvements in this generation, and now Apple promises up to 1 more hour of use in web browsing What the 15-inch MacBook Pro had, nothing wrong huh? For this, they have had to expand the size of the battery, leaving it just below the limit allowed by the FAA, the regulatory federation of commercial flights in the United States, and make it slightly larger since it is now 0.8mm thicker.

7 We retrieve the Physical Escape key and the arrows in the inverted T position.

Since the inclusion of the Touch Bar in the MacBook, all the computers that had it lose the physical escape key, since this was touch in the same Touch Bar. Apple has listened to its users and returned it as a physical key. Also the rectangular module of the arrow keys has been replaced by a complete inverted T system, leaving a more natural use experience.