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3D printer with Spanish seal and very affordable

The Iberian creativity continues giving what to speak in the field of 3D printing; this time, in the hands of Lewihe, a firm from Alicante that has launched an interesting copy – very affordable, by the way – with that technology.

This is Lewihe 3D PLAY, a 3D printer -for personal or educational use- available for pre-purchase in the firm's online store for 69.00 euros (VAT not included).

It is necessary to highlight that the 3D PLAY is not ready to start it; It is the user who must assemble it from a kit of parts and then provide it with extra extras.

You can buy the kit and assemble it yourself. We have called this version MAKER EDITION. Since the components not included in the aforementioned kit must be purchased at any store in the 3D sector, those of Lewihe point out, adding that the advantage of this proposal is that the user can assemble the printer at an unbeatable price and to your liking.

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<p>In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the aforementioned kit includes, metal structure, support for the extruder, printable extruder in .stl file, printing surface, metal rods, detailed mounting video and printable parts in .stl files.</p>
<p>Following that line, the people of Lewihe also leave the option of being able to buy the printer fully assembled in authorized stores, in different configurations and prices.</p>
<p>Now, among some of the specifications of the Lewihe 3D PLAY, it is worth noting that it is compatible with most extruders and hot ends, as well as with the Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10+) and Linux operating systems ; supports .stl, .gcode and .obj files; Its weight is already mounted – it is 2.5 kg.</p>
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