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21.5 monitor very connected and versatile

The people of MMD have announced the launch of the Philips 221S6QUMB USB Docking monitor, with a 21.5-inch bright AH-IPS LED display, advanced USB plug-and-play and Ethernet connection, among other plus focused on offering the portable user to keep their peripherals linked, access the Internet or the office intranet and enjoy additional exhibition space.

In that sense, MMD spokespersons have pointed out that unlike conventional port replicas or docked ports that involve extra hardware and cables on the desktop, the Philips monitor already has extensive connectivity options, designed for users to access to them by simply connecting your laptop through a standard USB cable.

This simplicity is what gives it meaning. A large keyboard and mouse, an external hard drive, a camera; users only have to connect the devices they want to the monitor to benefit from effective productivity instantly, informants have illustrated.

On the other hand, those of MMD have highlighted that the Philips USB Docking also offers an improved experience, wide viewing angle respecting, as well as a faithful reproduction of color. In addition, it has the Flicker-Free Philips technology to regulate brightness and reduce flickering for a more comfortable viewing.

In addition to the above, it has also been known that the new monitor – now available at a price of 249 euros – has SmartErgoBase, so that the user can tilt, rotate and rotate the screen exactly to the position he prefers.

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