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With this app you can know when your iPhone 11 has used Deep Fusion

iPhone 11 Pro

The camera has been the main protagonist of the iPhone of this year, both the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro models incorporate one of the best rear cameras on the market. Apple has done a great job this year with the inclusion of a new type of camera and new software features such as night mode and Deep Fusion.

This latest technology uses the power of the Bionic A13 processor to create a new photo in much more detail thanks to computational photography. The iPhone 11 takes a total of 9 photographs and the device will select pxel by pxel the best detail, exposure, white balance, focus or tone show.

We've already told you how you can use Deep Fusion on your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, however it was quite difficult to know if this technology had been activated or not, until now.

An app to know everything about your photos

Metapho is a completely free app that helps us get more details about the photos that Apple provides us. Thanks to this app we can know data such as the resolution, the device that has taken the photo and its operating system, and even the ISO sensitivity and lens that has taken the photo. Now thanks to its latest update, as we have been told since MacStoriesIt is also able to identify if your iPhone has activated Deep Fusion.


As we can see on these lines, the application is now able to show information about the ways our iPhone has used to take the photo. AND if you have activated the night mode or Deep Fusion we can know.

It is certainly a very interesting application that every photographer must download, also has a shortcut from the Photos app, so if we activate it we will not have to enter the app to learn more details of any of our photos.