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WhatsApp allow access to the same account on multiple devices

Whatsapp has been preparing for allow access to the same account on multiple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and a Windows computer. You must confirm the registration with a code, as it currently is, It can be via SMS or call.

The application continue with the end to end encryption by default, thanks to a new method for security keys. The WABetaInfo site discovered that the Beta version of Whatsapp for Android (number 2.19.345) has a hidden message in its code: ?The recipient's device list has changed; tap Verify to confirm the new security code ?.

WhatsApp does not currently have a list of devices because you can only use your account on a mobile phone (reflected in most of a web browser tab). The version of iOS (number also revealed something important, You can register a new device with the same account, you must enter the verification code as it is currently.

In addition, your original device will receive a notification when someone does this: ?A WhatsApp registration code has been requested for your mobile phone number; If you did not, do not share this code with anyone. ?

WhatsApp use a new encryption method to improve your security

Whatsapp you will be developing a new method that assigns protection keys to specific devices because end-to-end encryption depends on private keys that are present only locally (in addition to the public keys).

You must use public and private keys together to reveal content that is encrypted. For example, when person A sends a message to person B, the following process occurs:

  • The message is encrypted using the private key of person A and the public key of person B.
  • Once received, the message is decrypted using the public key of person A and the private key of person B.

The code of this beta version indicates that Whatsapp allow you to use the same private key on different devices. That way, You can see encrypted messages from end to end on your Android phone and iPadFor example, there will be a version of the application for Apple tablets.

It is a very good service initiative since sometimes our smartphone is with a low battery and if we have another device at hand we cannot use it, that will change from now on.