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Twitter policy for the intention of canceling obsolete or inactive accounts

Twitter announced that start deleting accounts as of December 11

 Start deleting accounts that have been inactive for more than six months, unless users log in to their accounts before December 11.

The mass cancellation will include users who have stopped posting messages on the site due to death, but they can be maintained if a third person with the access codes can enter the account.

It is the first time that the social media giant takes measures to eliminate accounts on such a large scale.

Twitter explained that it is because users who have not entered their accounts have not accepted the update of their privacy policies.

A spokeswoman also said it would improve credibility by removing latent accounts from the list of users' followers, a situation that could be giving a user a sense of erratic importance.

Twitter said it wants to encourage users to actively enter their accounts and participate in the networkTwitter said it wants to encourage users to actively enter their accounts and participate in the network

The first batch of accounts to be eliminated will include those registered outside the United States.

The company considers an inactive account when the user has not entered it at least once in the last six months. Twitter stressed that the measure is not to release names of users that are already taken on your network, as some have suggested.

However, the names of previously used users will become available after the December 11 deadline. Twitter insists, however, that the process be gradual, with foreign accounts first.

In the future, the company also said to be examining the accounts of people who have entered but "do nothing" on the platform.

The spokeswoman does not abound on the subject, apart from mentioning that the company uses many signs to determine the use by genuine humans, not only if they publish or interact with tweets.

Email warning

Affected users began receiving these emails starting TuesdayAffected users began receiving these emails starting Tuesday

The site has sent emails to account users who will be affected by cancellations.