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Twitter delays the plan to eliminate inactive accounts until it sees how to commemorate the deceased accounts

One of the best news that Twitter has brought in recent times to users who want to change their profile name is (deletion of inactive accounts) (If you want to change your username on Twitter, you may be in luck: they will delete unused accounts). With this, the company announced that it will release the usernames after account deactivation.

However, it seems that Jack Dorsey's have not thought of all the cases affected by a decision. As we said yesterday, the elimination of inactive profiles meant that we were going to have to say goodbye to the dead people's tweets, because without access to your accounts due to lack of credentials it will not be possible to log in.

At the last minute, however, Twitter claims to have heard the feedback, and they will not delete any inactive accounts until they create a new way of commemorating accounts.

Twitter follow the steps of Facebook to improve in this regard

Without the moment Twitter has announced what will happen to the accounts of deceased people, for a long time it may have followed the steps of Facebook, which allows the account of the deceased to be deleted or that the profile becomes a memorial that serves to Remember the person in question. Facebook has it well raised, with key points such as:

  • The deceased's account is only accessible by confirmed friends.
  • The account only appears in Graph Search if we are confirmed friends.
  • Only friends and family can leave messages as a souvenir in the deceased's profile.
  • Once the account has been "memorized", no one can access your authentication data.

The problem so far is that Twitter also does not have an identity verification system that can expedite this type of case. If you could easily prove who you are (beyond journalists and celebrities and public figures), as you have been asking for a long time to eliminate toxicity, it will be easier to prove deaths and kinships with family members and friends with Twitter members.

Twitter already allows you to activate authentication in two phases without using a phone number

While it is true that Facebook is a network more focused on seeing past posts, as the albums show, Past tweets can also be searched and remembered by family and friends, and it's sensible that Twitter thinks what to do with these accounts. Meanwhile, users who want to change users will have to wait, for a good cause.

As Twitter has told Genebta, the fact of executing the cleaning of inactive accounts, or rather of reinforcing the policy, which already exists, is due to the fact that more accurate and credible information is offered through the social network. Looking to do that, finally it seems that they will tackle several problems in one.

         Twitter delays the plan to eliminate inactive accounts until it sees how to commemorate the deceased accounts


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