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Three "Go" apps from Google exceed 100 million installations

Google Go Apps

The Google Go apps, as is Google’s own, Maps Go and Maps Go Navigation have finally reached 100 million installations in the Google Play Store.

The first one, Google Go, has reached that figure in a short time, since in September it reached 10 million installations to beat another new record today; We will see how far it goes, since this type of “Go” apps are having a great push in countries where connections are not the best and users do not have enough pocket for mid-range and high-end mobiles.

First say that Google Go is preinstalled on Android Go mobiles, which also gives us another message: the success of this optimized operating system for terminals with lower resources. Good news for the great G and for all those developers who want to deepen light apps and can be installed on any type of mobile device.

Google Go Apps

Anyway, those three Google “Go” apps can be installed in any, so they are not contingent on those terminals, but also on mobile phones such as Note 10, and of which these days we have presented the best functions of the S Pen, you can install it on your mobile whatever.

Countries like India, Indonesia or Brazil are some of the goals for this Android Go and that allows to save data and that it can move of wonder in those mobile devices of worse characteristics in the hardware; You just have to think if they gave us now a terminal with 1 GB of RAM as we would feel and all those apps to which we are accustomed daily.

Three Google “Go” apps that pass the figure of 100 million installations and that show how well millions of users do that kind of apps.

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