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This is the game Strata

Strata manages to combine two concepts in Android that rarely occurs: the world of the puzzle and an exquisite all-in-one design. Let it challenge your mind and please your eyes at the same time.

In The Free Android we usually look at the games they say goodbye quality or that are attractive to you. Many of those we offer you have the perfect balance between minimalism and quality, which begins to be a rare image in our Google Play Store. And so we are going to introduce you Strata, a strange game that denotes a work behind so characteristic that it deserved a place in this house. And after trying it "in an exhaustive way" (not to say otherwise) we tell you all about this perfect mix between beauty and difficulty.

Strata: the most minimalist simplicity

Strata, a somewhat complicated game alongside beautiful

For a game to win the "potato", it must have two features main. The first, that the style of said game it shows throughout the app and not only in the action menu. The second I will advance, but the first Strata meets her strictly. From the first minute we started the game in order to quench our curiosity, the entire interface is based on the operation of the game. All. It is a fact that not only pleases the eye, but conveys a sense of tranquility and quality quite pressing. It is something that I greatly appreciate.

Strata, a somewhat complicated game alongside beautiful

Even a detail like the sound, which should go unnoticed in this kind of games turns the atmosphere to something else enveloping, more relaxed. It is really a pleasure to navigate the different Strata interfaces and appreciate some relaxation within a puzzle game. Because yes, it is a game puzzle.

Perspective is the key

Strata, a somewhat complicated game alongside beautiful

As in minimalist games like Monument Valley, Strata gives a twist to the concept of perspective. Why? Because the purpose of the game is complicated and intelligent: you have to superimpose diagonal lines on top of each other, matching their colors with the bases. That is, let's give an example. We have a red square. Well, we have to make a line go through it either of its own color, or that the second line that crosses it after the first is. Yes, it is not very easy to understand, but playing a few minutes you realize everything.

Strata takes perspective to another level, revealing it even more

The thing is to complete the level without any empty square but with the least number of rectifications possible. If you do it all, you will get a "Perfect". If not, you will pass it. But well, it is best to have it as high as possible, right? In addition, the difficulty increases as you progress in Strata, putting testing Your ability to choose. Although I already notice that the first 5 seconds you need a learning curve, also complicated by being completely in English.

Strata, a somewhat complicated game alongside beautiful

The bad thing about Strata is that it has a cropped version, and another premium This implies that we will not have all the levels at our disposal from the beginning. In the basic version we will have 3 of 7 levels, having to buy the paid version at fourth level. The price of this goes up to 2?20 euros. It is up to you if it is worth paying that price, although I will only say that I have acquired it from how addictive it is. We put the link below for you to try.