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This application changes the wallpaper every time you unlock the mobile

DeSplash is an application that allows us to change the desktop background with a new image every time we unlock it. A very simple application that will please those who enjoy modifying the appearance of their mobile.

DeSplash will surprise you with a new wallpaper

Personalization is one of the things we like most about Android. There are thousands of applications to change the look of your mobile, from icons to customize the home screen to the millimeter. And especially, the wallpapers.

Today we know a different and very attractive application for those who get bored of always having the same wallpaper. Its name is DeSplash, and the purpose of the application is to load a new wallpaper each time you turn on the screen.

And how do you get it? DeSplash uses as a source to get new wallpapers to the Unsplash website, one of the best portals to get high resolution wallpapers. The application takes a package of photographs of the category that we have chosen and temporarily stores them on the mobile, changing the desktop background every time we turn on the screen.

We have several categories, and also the possibility of choosing horizontal or vertical photographs. Another virtue of the application is that it allows us to choose the quality of the images that will be used as wallpaper.

Once configured, just activate the option Turn on so that DeSplash takes control of our wallpapers. The application itself warns that it may not work if the energy management of the system causes it to remain blocked. If you have mobiles like Huawei or Xiaomi and it doesn't work for you, you may have to give it permission to work.

Otherwise, DeSplash is an application that is in beta, so it is possible that there are errors. For me, for example, when selecting to choose high quality images, the application stops working correctly, but hopefully in future versions it will be solved. A free application with ads that is very worthwhile.