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These are my perfect accessories for the iPhone

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Let's face it: an iPhone (and by extension, any high-end smartphone) is much more than a phone and when you review the number of times the screen is consulted in Time of Use, you are aware of the importance of the device in the I play daily. Perhaps that is why we have become accustomed to paying almost the same or more in a high-end phone than in a laptop, since in the end, the really important thing is the performance that is obtained from the invested.

So, over time I have discovered that it compensates to go a little further in the disbursement and complement the iPhone with accessories that shoot, more if possible, the full potential of the team. Being an Apple phone user since its earliest versions, I can say that I have finally found my perfect accessories and how to use them. I detail them below.


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Who has AirPods understand the change that involves having these headphones, and I do not mean only to listen to music, but to know that in a couple of steps you can enjoy a good podcast or answer calls with your hands free. Actually, the importance of AirPods is not in what you can do with them, but in their ability to transform a situation in which you suddenly see yourself.

Battery case

As an iPhone 11 Pro user, I have no complaints – quite the contrary – about the performance of your battery; rare is the day in which I conclude below 50 percent and usually, it can take a couple of days with a single load. However, travel is always more consumed or more intensive use of the phone, and despite having external batteries that can get you out of trouble, my general resource is a battery case. In my case, I have been a Mophie user for several versions, and in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, the Juice Pack Access offers the device up to thirteen additional hours of use, in addition to the protection added in case of each. This type of covers makes the device a bit thicker, but it compensates for it with the peace of mind of that extra battery and not having to go resorting to powerbanks external

Chipolo, or have everything under control

I do not consider myself a clueless person, especially in important elements, such as keys, wallet, etc. However, I give them enough courage to always have these things under control. I can not talk about their rivals because I have not used them, but Chipolo tags seem like a perfect solution with which I win in peace of mind. For those who do not know what it is, these are small Bluetooth tablets that use the geolocation of the iPhone to locate the elements in which you install them (it can be a backpack, wallet, keys, etc.).

Nomad Wireless Charging Base

As you remember, Apple had to retire with the AirPower clebre, a wireless charging base with which it promises to simultaneously charge the iPhone, Apple Watch and the AirPods. The idea seemed fantastic but those of Cupertino withdrew, and did well. Why do I say so? I bought the Nomad Base Station, its great alternative, and I go ahead that I use it daily and I think it is essential, but you immediately understand why Apple quit this product: it is not easy to get the exact point of loading and you have to groping until you find just the source of charge Qi at the base. Despite this, the convenience of having everything together and on the table, compensates for this limitation.

Winter gloves

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Those of us who live in humid and relatively cold climates in winter, we know well that getting your hands out of your pockets on certain occasions is complicated. And what about having to take off your gloves to manipulate the phone screen The European manufacturer Mujjo addressed this circumstance with a first series of tactile gloves that I bought and soon discarded why? Because they were not insulating enough in cold days at these latitudes (say below 8 degrees Celsius). But all this has changed with a new generation of gloves that have a 3M Thinsulate insulating layer, windproof and specially prepared for cold climates. There is no morning that does not walk the dog without these triple-layer gloves, an investment worthwhile in the cold months of the year.

Bscula and tensimeter

Without being obsessed with tracking health patterns, it is true that since I have the iPhone and technology has been available, I have more control over my own health. Not only of the activity and the quality of the dream with the Apple Watch, but also of the blood pressure and the weight, more than anything because they serve me to establish interesting correlations in stress or relaxation situations and to be able to anticipate the events.

In short, the iPhone is a formidable platform that can be completed with a series of accessories and the user experience is greatly expanded. What accessory do you miss or what would you like to have?

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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