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The Presentation of the New Google Maps 3D was made on an iPad

Google has presented this week its new update for Google Maps, including juicy news. No one escapes that it has been a play to get ahead of Apple, which presumably present its new 3D maps, totally independent of those of Google, in WWDC 2012 next Monday.

These new Apple maps will be presented as the new star feature of iOS 6, according to all bets. So the big G has not wanted to get out of the car, now that it seems that the apple company will do without its map service.

However, the most curious thing is that During the presentation, the speaker takes out an iPad to present how well these maps move on a tablet. Although at no time mention the brand, you just have to see the mens from the top to see what is running on the Apple device.Here tennis the full video, about 44 minutes you can see how they show their performance on an iPad:

The truth is that it is good to see how the workers of the two companies, despite their differences and their competence, they avoid fanaticism when presenting their technology. Now, with what application of maps will we stay, if we can supposedly choose between two so fantastic?

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