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The new Huawei AirPods appear in images next to the Mate 20 Pro

Much filtration has relapsed about the Huawei Mate 20 Pronext flagship from Huawei. The fact is that we continue with them, and today we have filtered 2 new photos that show the final design from the front. But we go further: accessories that will complement the phone have been leaked and that will make direct competition to Apple.

Freebuds 2 Pro, Bluetooth headphones that will compete with Apple AirPods

According to an exclusive Winfuture, a German page specializing in technology, FreeBuds 2 Pro have been completely filtered. These wireless headphones that will complement both the standard and Pro Mate appear in some images clearly revealing even some of their features.

The new Huawei AirPods appear in new images with the Mate 20 Pro

These headphones will be Bluetooth, very similar to the Apple AirPods and will come in a box with which we can charge these headphones. According to Winfuture, these Freebuds may even Charge with your phone via wireless charging, what would do that we did not need the box exclusively to charge its battery.

These Freebuds will be connected via Bluetooth 5.0 and the case will be charged with USB-C, the new USB standard that will replace the microUSB that we have been using for so long. This case will charge the helmets via Qi wireless technology. This case can also be charged with the mobile thanks to this technology owned by Huawei.

The new Huawei AirPods appear in new images with the Mate 20 Pro

According to the Winfuture material, this charging would be done either well or with a wireless base that would take 2 hours to charge the helmets or from the same Huawei Mate 20 Pro, putting it on top. This charge would take much longer, 3 hours, and it will be very useful since as long as we do not use it, we can have the mobile charging our helmets in a place to never lose battery.

It is estimated that the cost of these helmets will be around 150 or 160 euros, and this charging technology will be made exclusively from the new generation Mate. This does not prevent, however, that they cannot be used with other phones although we would lose their star characteristic. Here is a gallery with helmets:

The Mate 20 Pro reappears the leg in new photos

The new Huawei AirPods appear in new images with the Mate 20 Pro

Also, Roland Quand, famous leaker Twitter has posted some new images of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with quite a lot of detail. They would confirm the notch, the Samsung-style side curve and, above all, very well used frames that would place it in one of the best uses of the market.

The new Huawei AirPods appear in new images with the Mate 20 Pro

We must say that according to these images the phone will be especially large, and the frames although optimized will not help reduce the size of this. It is a Mate, after all. It seems that there are no secrets left for this device, is it? We will see it on October 16 in London, the day Huawei will present its new beasts.