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The Legendary Pokmon are here, Niantic announces its arrival

Were you waiting to be able to capture the Legendary Pokémon? Well, you won't have to wait much longer: Niantic announces its next availability in Pokémon GO. With conditions

The Legendary Pokémon They've been sneaking into the mobile game since the beginning. They have not appeared in any country even if one made an appearance due to a Niantic error. Now, as a commemoration of the first anniversary, Niantic announces that they are almost among us. The almost is a very peculiar condition.

This weekend festivals and events are held around the world, including Spain. And one of the most important is the Chicago's Pokémon Go Fest. Niantic will test the coaches who participate in the festival with the intention of gradually releasing the famous legendary creatures. So, if there are enough catches at the festivals, we will have the Legendary Pokémon available for the rest.

Niantic submits the appearance of the Legendary Pokémon to the catches of the festivals

Pokémon GO announces arrival of Legendary Pokémon

The Pokémon GO Fest to be held in Chicago will mark the history of the game on our mobile devices. At least as planned by Niantic: they will be the coaches who participate there who will decide the fate of the rest. And in no less than the Legendary Pokémon, which we have been waiting for since the game was launched for our devices.

The mechanics are more or less simple: those who participate in the festival will get bonuses with the captured Pokémon. If they get enough bonuses, Niantic will unveil the first Legendary at the Chicago festival. Once revealed the Pokémon will appear in the raids of the rest of the world when the festivals end.

The Chicago date promises to be important for Pokémon GO. So much that there will be a Twitch channel that will broadcast the competition live. Let's see if there is luck, that the Legendary Pokémon will stimulate the return to a mobile game that had been too long without news.