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The best way to squeeze Instagram is called Grambox

If there is a popular social network today, that is Instagram. The popular application has been updated with a multitude of new features in these past months. Although many users miss some tools in it. To compensate for these absences, we can use other applications available in the Play Store.

Although this is something that causes us to have too many applications installed on our Android device, which is not good for it. Luckily, there is already a solution to this problem, which comes in the form of an application. It's about Grambox, also known as Gbox. A suite of tools for Instagram.

What is Grambox?

Grambox Android interface

Is a free open source application that we can download on our Android device. Thanks to her, we will have a series of additional tools, which compensate for the absence of many of them on Instagram. With this application we will be able to add frames to photos, repost, add effects on photos, crop stories and many more functions.

We have a total of nine tools in Grambox, about which we are going to talk to you next, to be able to edit photos that we are going to upload on Instagram, in addition to being able to repost or trim vertical videos that we upload in the stories of the popular social network. Features that many users miss on Instagram, and that we now have gathered in a single application.

How Grambox works

Grambox app tools

We are facing an application with a minimalist interface, which allows a really simple navigation. When opening the application on our phone, we find the nine tools available on it on the screen. Each with a background color, which helps us identify them in a simple way.

The nine tools What we have available in Grambox are:

  1. 9 Grid: A function that serves to divide photos into 3, 6 or 9 images and create a grid photo on Instagram
  2. #Color Names: A color picker that will tell us the color we want from a photo, perfect for use in stories
  3. Creative fonts: We can modify the text, turn it upside down for example
  4. HD DP Viewer: Thanks to this function we can download the user profile photo with a public account on Instagram
  5. Glitch: The name itself says it, lets us add glitch effect to the photos
  6. No Crop Post: It is used to add a frame in the photos, so that Instagram will not cut them when we upload them. We can adjust the color of the frame according to the photo.
  7. Repost: We can refuel photos of other users, adding a small banner with your username and profile picture of it
  8. Swipeable Photo: A tool used to crop photos that are too wide in several photos and upload them as a gallery on Instagram
  9. Video splitter: Thanks to it we can cut a video recorded vertically in fragments of 15 seconds. It will allow us to upload it whole in the stories in this way.

Grambox functions

Grambox provides these functions, useful for users who have great activity on Instagram. All under one minimalist interface, very easy to use. The app is only in English, but given the ease of use, it is not an impediment for any user on Android who wants to download it.

Combining all the tools in a single application allows us to save storage space, as well as being much easier to use. It gives us functions that we find in other applications like Panorama for Instagram, Layout or 9Cut In a single app. This makes Grambox take a considerable advantage over these other apps.

In short, a great option if you are looking for these tools with which to modify the photos that you are going to upload on Instagram. Grambox is the best application in this field. It is a completely free, open source application with no ads inside.