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The best games to enjoy on your Android tablet Honeycomb

One of the main reasons why a user can choose to buy a Android tablet, can be the games that increasingly populate the Market and that are designed well for mobile phones and / or tablets. Without a doubt, they are partly something like small consoles and integrated into a screen. Very comfortable to play, and this is also the manufacturers, because if not the tablets of Sony would be of Sony Ericsson, but when leaving with that brand as a header, they indicate that they want to be a direct part of the family Play Station.

We'll see 10 of the best games to enjoy playing on our tablet with Honeycomb:

1. The Angry Birds family

Already, I know that they are very threshed and that we can play in them from almost any platform, but it is true that a top 10 without appearing our most beloved birds, is a bit fake, we have all played and we all run to update any of all the existing games for Android: angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons (my favorite) and Angry Birds RIO. It is not a game optimized for tablets, but we have to recognize that it is more comfortable to play on tablets than on phones.

In the Market | Angry Birds | Angry Birds Seasons | Angry Birds RIO

2. Apparatus

A game of the most ingenious. It consists of making structures and mechanical devices to get the ball into the hole, it is a total vice, and of course, due to the characteristics of the game, it is better on a tablet, that there is more space to take into account the laws of physics. I mean, to more size, more facility to put the pieces with exactitude and to take into account the trajectories and others. I recommend it openly.

In the Market | Apparatus Lite (Free) | Apparatus (? 1.41)

3. Fruit Ninja THD

And we start with those optimized for devices with Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor, basically all Honeycomb tablets and some latest generation phones.

Another classic the Fruit Ninja. The mechanics of the game is very simple, you have to cut as many fruits as possible, both with time and without time, trying to make combinations and being rewarded for it, there are many types of game, and perhaps it is the game that I most I have hooked on Android. I was able to try it on a tablet, and I really enjoyed the experience.

In the Market | Fruit Ninja THD (? 2.17)

4. Pinball HD for Tegra

And who hasn't played a pinball game once in a while? Whether in a real machine or in Windows … Well, of course it has its crumb, and you don't look up from the screen as you have been bitten with an old score or a specific mission of the game … Well Pinball HD for Tegra is the closest thing to a real pinball that you can find in computer format. Very detailed, with excellent graphics, and that uses the full capacity of Tegra 2, although it may seem like a simple game.

In the Market | Pinball HD (? 2.10)