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The adoption of iOS 13 already exceeds 70% quota, according to Mixpanel data

The Mixpanel analytics platform has recently updated its prediction of devices that have the latest version of iOS. According to this tool, Apple already has iOS 13 on approximately 70% of iPhone (and iPad) From the market. A considerable figure if we consider that the new version has been available for less than three months.

As we have seen on other occasions, Mixpanel collects your data because the developers of the most popular apps use its tool. In this way they can configure a huge database with iOS devices and the corresponding version in which they work. An important sample to obtain sufficiently accurate data About the version used.

7 out of ten iPhone and iPad are on iOS 13

According to the latest data, published on November 25, iOS 13 has already reached 72.68% of the iPhone and iPad. On the other hand, there is still 23.47% of devices in iOS 12 because they have not updated (or cannot) to the latest version. The remaining 3.85% of devices are in previous versions such as iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 …


If we look at the graph, we see that the important leap of iOS 13 occurred in mid-September (when iOS 13 officially arrived) and until mid october (At the end of September, iPadOS 13 officially arrived as well). From there, growth has been minimal (from 64% in mid-October to 72% at the end of November). Maybe with some big launch like iOS 13.3 or iOS 13.4 from Apple, they can scratch a bit more adoption, however, it will be complicated that by August of next year iOS 13 exceeds for example the 88% that I got iOS 12 last year . As a curiosity, last year Mixpanel gave 75% to iOS 12.

Apple official data: iOS 13 is installed on 50% of the iPhone while iPadOS 13 reaches 33% of the iPad

An important detail is that Mixpanel does not offer official data like Apple, so your metrics don't have to be 100% real. Although they generally get very close to Apple's data, we must wait for these to see if iOS 13 and iPadOS are already in 7 out of 10 devices. The latest official data are from October 17 and give 50% to iOS 13 and 33% to iPadOS 13.

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         The adoption of iOS 13 already exceeds 70% quota, according to Mixpanel data