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The 8848 Titanium M6 5G has been announced as the first mobile with Snapdragon 865

8848 Titanium M6 with Snapdragon 865 announced

8848, a luxury mobile phone brand from China, held a 5G brand strategy conference in Beijing, sharing the future product development plan and forecasting that new 5G products will be equipped with the latest Qualcomm flagship platform. The firm, among other things that we expand below, said that users who buy or already have M5 mobile phones in their catalog can use the ?5G zero distance? plan to save value for their next 5G mobile phones.

The 8848 conference was very explicit and came loaded with many details of the brand's plans. Zhou Jia, president of 8848 Titanium Mobile Phone, said the event is not only about the launch of new products, but also about the firm's strategy for the 5G era.

Zhou Jia said many mobile phones are learning from Apple, and 8848 also wants to learn from the "Apple God", although without imitating it. He expressed the hope that something like Apple would do something different in the flat mobile phone industry. In turn, he announced that he believes that in the future smartphones will have more value than tools.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

In addition, the spokesman of the Chinese brand, Wang Shi, founder of Vanke Group, attended the conference to share the experience of ?diverted? and also some details for the 8848 titanium mobile phone platform that have to do with its promising future in the mobile industry.

After Shi's intervention, Zhou Jia spoke about the luxury mobile phone defined from the aspects of technology, art and humanities, which is no other than 8848 Titanium M6 5G. He announced that in the past there were some diversions that did not cause much profit for the company and, therefore, did not receive much attention from consumers; He also explained that they felt that their target population did not care about some approaches already raised, but then they discovered that their average user type also needs solid performance, so luxury mobile phones should also have technical attributes. In terms of art, 8848 divides products into two categories, one that pursues a distinctive design style and the other that uses rare materials and is interpreted in a luxurious and extravagant design language.

On the human side, 8848 also launched a personal assistant service to help users deal with trivial matters. These personal assistants are real people and not helpers based on artificial intelligence. Zhou Jia believes that a "machine" can never provide people with good service, so 8848 spends a lot of labor and uses the most "stupid" method to do this. In summary, in the opinion of 8848, luxury mobile phones need flagship technology, ingenuity and attentive service.

After that, Zhou Jia announced the new features of the latest M6 8848 product: Qualcomm's latest generation flagship platform (or Snapdragon 865), the largest photo production of 100 million pixels (100 megapixels), up to 12 GB of RAM + 1TB of storage space and AMOLED screen of 6.01 inches with FullHD + resolution. From the point of view of the parameters, these can be considered as top specifications, one of the best in the market.

Nevertheless, the new smartphone will have to wait a few more months, because Qualcomm's latest 5G platform has not yet been launched, but it could arrive next month. However, 8848 proposed a transition plan: the ?5G zero distance? plan was recently launched, that is, the M5 mobile phone is now purchased. After the new 5G product is launched in the first quarter of 2020, the new product can be purchased at the original price of the purchase price. This is the firm's idea to keep its current consumers and attract many others.

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