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tablet that promises in versatility, performance and price

Versatility and new screen format, as well as high-performance functions and an affordable price, are attributes that lead the presentation card of the new Samsung tablet: Galaxy Tab A, which also stands out for being thinner and lighter.

The launch of this proposal by the South Korean leader has taken place at the Book Fair held in Madrid, a stage where spokespersons of the company delved into the characteristics of the mentioned terminal, equipped with two cameras (a main 5 MP and a 2MP front), Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor, 1.5 GB or 2 GB of RAM (depending on the model), 16 GB of storage capacity and a Micro SD slot that supports up to 128 GB of external storage

In response to the tastes of tablet users, Samsung Galaxy Tab A includes a new scale of 4: 3 ratio of the screen, designed to offer the best viewing experience possible. The new screen ratio optimizes the format of web pages, e-books and electronic magazines to provide a better and more natural visual experience, informants have illustrated, also referring to the fact that this tablet also has a series of contents pre-installed Premium through Galaxy Gifts, including Orbyt, up to three months of Yomvi Play, Just-Eat or Hancom Office.

In addition to the above, the Galaxy Tab A includes the Multiuser mode (Tab A Wi-Fi and Tab A with S Pen) that allows you to configure up to 8 different user profiles; Multi window, to use two applications at the same time without changing the screen; SideSync 3.0, to share the screens, windows and data between the tablet and the PC and between the tablet and the Smartphone; and Quick Connect, to display the videos of the tablet on the Samsung Smart TV or play live TV programs from the Samsung Smart TV to the tablet.

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<p>Among other plus, it is worth mentioning that Kids Mode – available as a download through Galaxy Essentials or Galaxy Apps – allows parents to manage the way in which children use Samsung Galaxy Tab A, controlling the time that their children spend on the device and the applications and functions that they can access. In addition, the little ones can experiment with their own home screen designed for children and benefit from special functions such as Kids Music, Kids Drawing, Stickers and specific sections of Friends and Games; and even with the Multi-Kids Profile allows up to six children to have their own personalized user profile.</p>
<p><strong>Samsung Galaxy Tab A WiFi</strong>299 euros<strong>Samsung Galaxy Tab A WiFi with S Pen</strong> 349 euros<strong>Samsung Galaxy Tab A 4G</strong> 369 euros</p>
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