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so you can know if you use it too much

Facebook It has become an omnipresent tool in half-planet smartphones. What is possibly the service with more users in the world has made their mobile apps the perfect gateway to the social network. So much so that many people spend hours a day within this app without realizing it.

Facebook needs to wash its image and has already begun to do so

In the long term, Facebook knows that it is not good for social media use to be linked to problems such as depression, so it has begun to take action. One of them is a new tool that allows us to know how much time we spend each day on the social network.

Of course, we must clarify that it is an informational option and that at no time will we be banned from using it.

How to use the Your time on Facebook option

To know how long we are in this social network Facebook has released an update of the application that activates a new function. To access it we must go to:

  • More (the symbol of the three horizontal stripes) -> Settings and privacy -> Your time on Facebook.

In this section we will see a diagram that indicates the time we have been in the last days connected to the application.

How to manage reminders

One of the ways to be more aware of the time we spend here is to schedule a reminder. If we do, we will establish a time after which a notice will appear in the application that will indicate that we have exceeded the time we had marked.

As we say, it is not a prohibition or blocking and simply by pressing a button we can continue using the app. It's more a way to remind us that maybe we shouldn't use this service so much, in case we do.

More options to configure

Within this new section we have other ways to minimize the time of use of the app. For example, we can control notifications of the app, so if we remove them, it will be more difficult to enter the app when we did not plan to do so. We can also change the way items appear in the feed. If we configure it well, the list of news and publications will be less attractive and we will want to stop using the app before.

Of course, the same thing you can do best is to remove the application from your mobile.