RuneScape, the mythical MMORPG game will arrive on Android in 2018

RuneScape, the mythical MMORPG game coming to Android in 2018

RuneScape is one of the oldest and most iconic MMORPG games that exist. If you are a fan of this emblematic delivery, I have good news: it will reach our mobile phones in 2018.

The RPG genre has been one of the most varied of the history of video games. Specifically, many of these variations such as the MMORPG They date a long time ago. One of its greatest exponents is RuneScape, a title of this genre that begins in 1998 and is currently considered a cult game. With more than 10 million active players worldwide, RuneScape is a veteran on these borders.

Well, for lovers (like me) of these fantastic adventures, what we are going to tell you is sure to start a smile. RuneScape will reach our phones in 2018, and there is even a page to sign up for the closed beta that will take place soon. It must be said clearly: it looks pretty juicy.

RuneScape, a classic in our phones

RuneScape, the mythical MMORPG game will arrive on Android in 2018

This acclaimed title that has thousands of followers around the world will see the light on our mobile screens in 2018. This is announced from their website where you can register to access the closed beta It will take place soon. Not much else is known other than that we will see this title next year and that we can play it anytime, anywhere. It is certainly a clear advantage: RuneScape is one of the precursors of the genus MMORPG.

RuneScape is a game free to play, so it is assumed that we will not have to pay any kind of cost to play. It is also not specified if this game will have some kind of publicity, Only that RuneScape will be mobile soon. As we get more information, we will tell you more. At the moment there is nothing left but to rub our hands eagerly at the possibility of killing dragons on our mobile.