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Pressure-themed Star Wars pots

Lovers of the Star Wars saga are in luck. In a very short time the new film will be released in cinemas around the world Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And of course, with the arrival of this new film, the marketing team begins to heat engines to promote their film to the fullest. And this is where merchandising comes in.

S, Fortnite will have a crossover with Star Wars During the launch date, we have a new game based on the theme And of course, little by little a number of gadgets will appear that will delight lovers of the saga. The last product? A pressure cooker with a design that will make you fall in love if you are fantastic of the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and company.

Star wars

This is the new pressure cooker from Star Wars

As expected, At the technical level we don't find too much news. Mainly they are a pressure cooker that has a digital timer so you know at all times how the process of cooking the food you have done is going. But, the thing changes when you see the models available for you to cook like a true Jedi knight. And yes, even if you have no idea how the stove in your home works, this kitchen product can not be missing in your home.

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More seeing the design that have these fun accessories for cooking. The Star Wars Instant Pots feature themes based on Darth Vader, the robot BB-8, R2, D2, Chewbacca and even the helmet of a Storm Trooper. To say that the models have different sizes, ideal if you live alone or with your family, so that you continue to have the opportunity to enjoy these fun pressure cookers with Star Wars themes.

Regarding the price of these products, the simplest model costs 79.95 dollars, about 74 euros to change, while the most complete model, the pressure cooker from Chewbacca It stays at $ 119.95. Of course, all products have been designed by Williams Sonoma, a company based in California and has years of experience in the sector.

In short, a really curious product and to meet the expectations of any fan of the popular saga created by George Lucas. Because, even if you don't like cooking, you have to recognize that these Star Wars pressure cookers are a real thing.

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