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Pokmon GO update that improves raids and other errors

Pokémon GO continues its efforts to improve the game with new features in its interface and approach. With the latest update errors in the incursions and other minor details are solved.

The first year with Pokémon GO between us has passed without the game having evolved as expected in Niantic. Success prevented them from adding the improvements the developers wanted, but now they are on track to recover lost time. A sample is the last update that has just arrived in the game.

The raids are the biggest novelty of the last months. These were not implemented 100% correctly, so Niantic has had to update. And taking advantage of the occasion they incorporate a lot of novelties with which they enrich from the interface to the gaming experience.

Pokémon GO receives version 0.69.0 influencing raids

Pokémon GO is updated by fixing the raids and adding new features (APK)

Many coaches have become frustrated with raids: it is often impossible to complete them even though time has not expired. Niantic solves it with the update, hence it is especially important if you usually use raids.

Several more bugs have been fixed, including one for which the Pokémon did not return to the coach once the gym had been defeated. And since not everything is bug solutions Niantic takes the opportunity to touch up some aspects of Pokémon GO:

  • Now we can turn the gyms disc when completing a raid.
  • We can send berries to the gym Pokémon from the Pokédex information screen. We can give them berries even when they are fully motivated.
  • We can search by name in our Pokémon collection. And if we enter the information we will see with what type of Pokéball they were captured.

As you can see, they are minimal developments that contribute to the greater stability of the game. If you have not played Pokémon GO for a while, I recommend you try it: raids and new gyms deserve to return to patrol with augmented reality. And if you want to try this update you can wait until it reaches Google Play or download the Apk directly from Apk Mirror.