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Offer to buy Amazon Echo Show screens on offer for Black Friday

The smart screens They have been definitively established in the market thanks to their good utility and, of course, for including a voice assistant inside. At the moment their demand is somewhat lower than the speakers, but little by little they are increasing their sales, Now it is possible to get on offer some models of the range Amazon Echo Show on offer for Black Friday.

These models inside include the voice assistant Alexa, which is the one developed by Amazon and is one of the best in the market. With these accessories it is possible to control the connected devices that are at home and, also, access a large amount of information – such as the latest news or the weather in any place in the world. When integrating a screen, they offer more advanced options than smart speakers, since in these it is possible from watching series to making video calls to the contacts you have on smartphones.

For the operation of these accessories to be optimal, it is necessary to have connection to Internet, something that is achieved by WiFi, so the only cable used is the power. In addition, everything you need is controlled from the phones and tablets so that the configuration is optimal (both on Android models and those using iOS). To do this you simply have to install the Alexa application -which is free-. Therefore, we talk about devices that are easy to use and useful.

Make your life easier with smart screens, these are the best

The Amazon Echo Show that are now on sale

There are two models that have an interesting discount due to Black Friday Week, since the savings are a minimum of 24%, so it is a good time to get one of these smart screens. By the way, apart from these options, there is an additional one that arrives in the form of a pack with which it is possible to get an Amazon Echo Show along with a compatible security camera. These are the existing options-:

Echo Show 5

This model includes a 5.5-inch screen that can be customized as there are different "spheres" that are available. With access to different streaming services, such as those of Amazon but also others such as Spotify, it offers options as important as mute the microphone with a simple physical slider. Includes full use of Alexa, its installation and use has no difficulty.

Echo Show 5 smart screen

Echo Show (2. generation)

The panel in this accessory is 10 inches and a Philips Hue bulb is included in the offer, so it is a good option at the moment. This model integrates a sound of quite good quality, and thanks to its good Internet access, viewing content and making video calls is achieved with a good user experience. With no problems with Alexa, it offers good control over what has to do with privacy.

Echo Show smart display (2. generation)

As we have indicated, there is a additional set on offer that includes an Amazon Echo Show 5 smart screen and an EZVIZ ezTube 1080p security camera. In this way, you can start the process of converting a house into much more adapted in terms of technology. This is the corresponding link in the online store:

Echo Show 5 set, black + EZVIZ ezTube 1080p