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New Xiaomi external battery that is cheap and warms hands

The company Xiaomi It constantly launches many products, and some of them are really curious – since they offer unexpected functionalities that, the truth, are usually quite useful. An example of what we say is an external battery of small dimensions that hides a striking and interesting surprise inside.

The truth is that the Asian firm could not choose a better moment to launch this new accessory, since it fits perfectly with the time of the year in which we are in Spain: the arrival of winter. We say this because the additional use offered by the product we are talking about is that of warm hands, so many will not have to buy roasted chestnuts to get this when they go out.

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Use of this Xiaomi accessory as a hand warmer

The device we are talking about has a circular design that allows you to grab it with both hands, so that both can be heated properly. With a striking appearance, remember the one with the old radios – and finished in aluminum so that the heat conduction is optimal – the temperature that the accessory can reach is 52 degrees maximum, so the heat can become quite intense. To avoid problems, a ABS type inner layer that is flame retardant, so there is no danger in use.

Xioami external battery warms hands

In what has to do with the operation, everything is really simple, since the housing of this device includes two buttons. The right is the one that controls the heat emission function, since when pressed during three seconds Start working this way until you reach the maximum temperature it offers. If this item is pressed again, it turns off completely. By the way, the left button starts charging as an external battery and the internal battery level is displayed instead of the degrees.

Options offered as an external battery

This function is also useful, and thanks to the 5,000 mAh which includes it is possible both that the heat emission works and recharge a mobile device using a port USB type A It integrates. The firm has indicated that different protection technologies are included, such as erroneous amperages and automatic shutdown if the accessory is not in use. Therefore, it is possible to refill the battery of virtually any smartphone in the current market at least once.

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This new device from Xiaomi, which is possible to achieve in colors red, green and pink, you can already buy in China, so you have to resort to the import since it is not known if it will be put up for sale in other places. In what has to do with what you have to pay to get it, good news since the amount is only 18 euros to change, so its quality / price ratio is excellent.