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Keeback digital backpack, great finish with many integrated accessories

The backpacks They have become an element when leaving home essential, since now it is necessary to carry enough things on top so that mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops, always offer the maximum of their possibilities. Well, a new model digital called Keeback It offers a lot of options that make it almost futuristic.

One of the things that make this accessory different is that its manufacturing material is a plastic alloy Unique that offers a very high resistance since it is stiff and that also makes Keeback look very attractive and different from the backpacks that are currently on the market. In addition, a central area includes a led screen that allows to display messages and customize the use of the device for all kinds of needs (even, it helps a lot for those who ride a bike or motorcycle, since it allows the rest of the people to see those who use this product over long distances).

Keeback digital backpack display

Keeback, a battery that offers extensive functionality

This is something that makes it also different from what is now possible to find in stores. Thus, for example and leaving aside the aforementioned screen consisting of 1,044 independent panels, inside an additional stiff element Keeback includes a battery with an amperage of 13,600 mAh. This is enough to charge up to twice phones and tablets, and they are included four USB type A outputs so that it is possible to charge several devices at once, which is a very useful addition.

But there is more, when carrying this backpack from one side to the other, the same is done with a Bluetooth speaker that is inside that, among other things, offers great power as it reaches 10 W -and also optimizes the bass very precisely. Therefore, go to the beach or simply to a friend's house, you can always enjoy your music in a simple way using wireless technology as it corresponds to the times.

"Keeback "Keeback

Details to know about this digital backpack

With a 1.9 kilos weight, which is not exactly the lightest we have seen but it is logical due to its manufacturing material and quantity of integrated options, the color in which Keeback can be achieved is White -and the black also seems to be a possibility-. Its opening system is lateral which allows easy access to the interior, and right now it is in Indiegogo in search of financing, with a 10% discount in its final price it is not indicated yet. In the case of registering to be informed.