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Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook fall worldwide

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, three of the most used apps, suffer a every around the world, something very annoying for users, and that shows that even large Internet companies have serious failures.

The problems affect different countries, although it seems that not all users. The cause, for sure, is that Facebook servers don't work, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and has centralized its infrastructure.

Therefore, each one involves errors or delays when sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp, that do not load Facebook posts or that the timeline photos and Instagram Stories are not seen or updated.

When we talk about one each by the service, we can do little users apart from wait for the service to be resolved and the service restored. If you forget that there are alternatives to WhatsApp such as Telegram and social networks such as Twitter, which are not affected.

Surely every one does not take long to get ready, because we talk about social networks with billions of users, and we assume that Facebook engineers work against the clock to solve errors.

Fortunately, the failures on these platforms have stopped lasting for hours, as happened years ago. Although the falls still take place with some frequency, they are usually short, and many Internet users do not even detect them, blaming even the difficulties to their Internet connection.

Unfortunately, three of the most used services are in the same hands, and when the technical problems arrive the impact is much greater than if WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook operate independently, as it was in the origins of the respective companies.

What to do when Instagram Stories does not load?

Has each of these applications affected you? Do you think we rely heavily on Instagram, Facebook and, especially, the popular WhatsApp?