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Huawei sells its 5G patents to several American companies

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Chinese manufacturer Huawei

A few weeks ago that since Huawei said they considered selling their 5G patents. A bet to win the trust of governments in Europe and the United States. Since they showed their good will. So far no company was known that would have shown interest in this technology, but the first negotiations are underway.

From Huawei itself confirm that they are currently negotiating with several American companies. It has just been the American government the one that boycotted the 5G of the Chinese manufacturer, seeing it as a risk to national security. So for many this is a surprise.

For now there have been no names of the American companies with which Huawei is currently negotiating. The manufacturer did not want to reveal this, as is understandable. But it seems that there are several companies that have shown interest so far in their 5G patents.

Huawei 5G

For the company it could be a boost, because these months are other firms that have benefited from their bad time with 5G. Although despite this blockage, this division also has increased its income so far this year, as revealed a few days ago in the results of the company.

This could help Huawei, so that the US blockade comes to an end at some point. It would not be unusual for it to happen, because recently some restrictions have been lowered. So you could continue in this direction, which without a doubt all this can play in favor of the company.

We will see if the negotiations come to fruition and Huawei ends up selling its 5G patents to any of these American companies. As far as you can tell, it seems that these negotiations are in an initial phase. So many things can happen in this regard.

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