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HTC JetStream, the Honeycomb tablet with Sense

Finally, after many months of rumors and leaks, the 10-inch tablets and HTC Honeycomb comes to light, and leave his name Puccini with whom he was known to be called JetStream and comply with many of the characteristics assigned to it.

The official launch will be sponsored by AT&T in the US, specifically for the September 4 and at a price of $ 700 With a contract of permanence. Like the Flyer, it stands out for its screen capable of recognizing a special touch pointer, serving as well as tablet to take notes, draw pictures, ect.

We don't know anything about European lands at the moment, but we are sure that it will arrive without much delay although it may be with a different name and if it retains the Puccini, we will see, what matters to us now is to see those characteristics, in that case, read on …

HTC JetStream features

  • 10.1 inch touch screen and WXGA resolution
  • Processor Snapdragon Dual core 1.5 Ghz
  • 8 Mpx rear camera with Led Flash and 1.3 Mpx front
  • LTE connection
  • Android 3.1 and Sense interface adapted for Honeycomb
  • 7300mah battery (the largest we have seen for tablets so far)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 700 grams of weight

We are surprised to see in the image that accompanied the presentation note that The sense interface is not as aggressive nor does it modify Honeycomb's appearance so much, something that pleases us and that is undoubtedly the result of an agreement between HTC and Google.

We see that HTC is still betting on pointers, and in a 10 ? tablet we do not see as much sense as in the 7 ? as the Flyer, especially since the weight of 700gr in this case does not accompany to be a comfortable notebook, but hey, as it is only an added value and not a main feature, it is worth it, yes, hopefully the price is just a reverie, because as Spain arrives about ? 650 being optimistic, they will surely stay with them in the warehouses?.



The truth is that although we already know in advance the good construction of the materials of this tablet for being from HTC, It does not add to my liking, nothing new, just extra euros and a tactile pointer. In my humble opinion, they have been able to market pressure to make a large tablet, and they have done it without more, without contributing anything, simply by having it.

What do you think of this tablet, do you like it or is it just one more?