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How to set up a MacBook Pro and adjust key functions as you wish

Having a MacBook Pro like the powerful 16-inch is very exciting. With its multiple functions and elegant design, it is a work tool that combines performance and style. And if you also know how to set up a MacBook Pro, you can make it work as you need it.

Turn off auto brightness

How to set up a MacBook Pro and adjust automatic brightness

Your MacBook Pro has an ambient light sensor on the screen frame that detects the amount of light and adjusts brightness automatically. If you work in a dark room, reduce it to avoid tired eyes. But you don't always need this function, like when you edit photos and you need a constant brightness to work with precision. Here we explain how to disable automatic brightness.

Step 1: Open system preferences. You can do it by pressing the Apple logo in the upper left corner, then in System preferences or by clicking on the icon System preferences in the Dock

Step 2: in System preferences, press on Screens.

Step 3: Under the slider Brightness, uncheck the box Automatically adjust brightness.

Step 4: If your Mac is compatible with True Tone, you can also disable it. This function automatically adjusts the colors of the screen, so that they are consistent with the ambient lighting. To disable it, uncheck True tone, under the box Adjust brightness automatically. If you don't see this option, your Mac is not compatible with True Tone.

How to adjust the dark mode

The dark mode in MacOS allows a better display of the screen, especially at night. Although it arrived with MacOS Mojave, with MacOS Catalina you can allow your Mac to enable it according to the time of day.

Step 1: Opens System preferences from the Apple logo in the upper left corner or from the Dock.

Step 2: press on General.

How to adjust the dark mode on a Macbook Pro

Step 3: at the top of the menu general there are three options under the heading Appearance: light, dark and automatic. When choosing one, you will change the MacOS color scheme, including the wallpaper, menu bar, window colors and more.

How to set the dark mode on a MacBook Pro

Step 4: Although the dark mode changes the wallpaper, you can set it manually. Go to the home page of System preferences and click on Desktop and screen saver, then choose a wallpaper.

How to change the notification settings

How to change the notification settings on a MacBook Pro

Notifications can be a real distraction. Fortunately, MacOS allows you to control them for the entire system or for applications.

Step 1: opens System preferences in the usual way.