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How to restore the Amazon Echo and leave them as the day you bought it

Sometimes you have problems with the devices you have in homes, and this is not foreign smart speakers. One of the best sellers in Spain are the Amazon Echo And, if you have problems with them, a factory reset may be the solution you need to apply. We show how to achieve this easily and safely.

It is important to know that once this is done, the accessory lose all settings that had been established, since it remains as if it was removed from the box for the first time. But generally most failures are solved. In addition, the factory restoration is also a good solution if what you want is to give away the Amazon Echo you have – so that the new owner starts from scratch with it.

Amazon Echo speaker

In addition, everything that is done is safe, since this option is integrated in the default devices so that they use it as many times as they deem appropriate, so that official combinations are accessed and, therefore, do not compromise hardware integrity that has. Once this is done, you can proceed to the initial configuration of an Amazon Echo speaker using the Alexa application that can be used on both iOS devices and what is included in Android.

Steps to restore factory Amazon Echo speakers

The options that we are going to indicate are executed by giving I use the physical buttons in combination They are integrated into smart speakers. This we believe is the simplest way possible, since difficulties are avoided that may occur due to poor connectivity that exists in the accessories. That is, it always works. This is what has to be done:

Amazon Echo (2. generation)

To restore this model – and later – what you have to do is press the following buttons in combination: lower volume and turn off the microphone in its upper area. The process is completed if the color of the ring of light becomes orange, something that takes about twenty seconds.

Amazon Echo Input

In this case, what has to be done is to continuously press the action button included in the device for about 25 seconds. This done, the accessory of the online store is as new and must be configured again.

Amazon Echo Input

Amazon Echo Dot (3. Generation)

In the case of this model the process is the same as the previous one: press the action button that is included in the device for a minimum of twenty-five seconds and, when this is completed, you will no longer have problems of use with the smart speaker of which We speak.

Echo Plus (2. generation)

What has to be done in this model is to press the buttons to turn off the microphone and lower the volume of the upper area and when the light ring turns off and on, the process will be completed effectively.

Amazon Echo Sub

Simple in this case: simply press the action button for 25 seconds so that everything is deleted and that the device is completely new in what has to do with the set configuration.