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How to play the original PlayStation on your Android phone

PlayStation, a name that has its place in the history of video games. Would you like to have it in your pocket? To play!

Sony, a company that took advantage of the "war" between Nintendo and SEGA to sneak into the console universe. 23 years later, not only was a gap made, but it is one of the references in the sector. With permission from Microsoft and Nintendo, everything is said.

This is Sony's first console, leaving aside the experiment that was with Nintendo. A console that offered 3D graphics, CD’s reader – a novelty at the time – and an affordable development platform.

So let's put the date of December 3, 1994 in our DeLorean and go to the country of the rising sun. That day Sony launched to the world, although at that time only to the Japanese market, its commitment in the world of video games.

We will collect all the necessary data and bring it to you so that you can enjoy this mythical console in your pockets. Are you ready?

Sony PlayStation, a little history

Sony PlayStation

We are in the fifth generation of consoles. A time of transition between the use of the cartridge, although Nintendo would continue to use it, which would happen to the use of the CD. It was not the first to use it, but it was the one with the greatest acceptance.

First it was launched on December 3, 1994 in Japan, having to wait almost a year to enjoy it both in the United States – September 9, 1995 – and in Europe – September 29, 1995.

Everything was not a path of roses for the Japanese company, since after his small idyll with Nintendo Sony was not convinced to enter the world of video games. Thanks to Ken Kutaragi's insistence, the company continued the project that led to the first, original and gray PlayStation. These are its specifications:

  • CPU R3000A, 32-bit RISC architecture at 33Mhz.
  • Geometry Transfer Engine which develops 66 MIPS.
  • Data Decompression Engine that develops 80 MIPS.
  • Sony Sound Processing Unit 16 bit | 44.1 KHz
  • Memory 2MB RAM | 1MB video | 512Kb sound.
  • CD’s reader with a reading speed x2.

Their specifications today are laughing, but at the time they gave a lot of play. Today any device should not have problems emulating this machine. So let's see what we need.

Looking for a PlayStation emulator

PlayStation emulators

Being a console that has been among us for two decades, its emulators have been developing for several years; so we will find works that emulate the Sony console almost 100% perfectly.

On the emulators there is a small catch, and they are all paid. There is no free alternative guarantee or offer the experience of our selected emulator. We talk about ePSXe, an emulator that has good stability, full of options and easy to use.