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How to fix Microsoft Office Error 25090

Working in a corporate environment as an IT support technician always means that you end up dealing with strange problems that never occur on a normal PC. Why? Well, it's because weird things can happen when you have 20 people using a computer.

One of those mistakes I found recently was when I used Microsoft Office 2007 on a client machine. Every time I opened any Office program, I got this error message:

 Error 25090. El programa de instalacin de Office encontr un problema con Office Source Engine, error del sistema: -2147023836. 

After doing some research, find out why this problem was happening. Apparently, two people had installed Office on the same computer and then one of them removed it later. This can also happen if you are implementing Office in your environment through Group Policy and somehow installed twice.

Luckily, this problem can be easily solved. Basically, the configuration files are damaged due to the two installations and then to the uninstallation. To fix it, place the Office 2003 or Office 2007 CD in the drive and wait for the installation program to start.

If it does not start automatically, locate the Setup.exe file on the CD and run it manually. Once the configuration window appears, simply click on Cancel . Click OK for any message that arises after clicking Cancel.

That's! The loading of the configuration screen corrects the corrupt configuration files and allows you to open an Office program without error 25090! Pretty simple huh? So be sure not to reinstall Office or make a repair, etc. Enjoy it!