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How to change Google Assistant for Alexa on your Android

The competition in voice assistants is increasingly fierce. If a few years ago we had only Google Now, the arrival of voice assistants has brought new competitors, such as Amazon Alexa. Did you know that you can replace Google Assistant with Alexa?

Switching Google Assistant to Alexa is that easy

Several weeks ago the Amazon Echo arrived in Spain. With them, the Amazon Alexa application, the virtual voice assistant included in these speakers, also arrived. The application is used to manage everything about our speaker, but you can also replace Google Assistant.

The first thing we should do is install the amazon Alexa app. If you already have an Echo speaker, you probably already have it installed on your mobile. Otherwise, you must go to Google Play and install the application.

It is important to mention that, although this application serves to manage the Amazon Echo, it is not necessary to have one so that we can use the device as an assistant.

Once the application is installed, we will have to change the voice assistant, following the following route:

  1. We go to settings.
  2. In applications, click on default applications.
  3. We select Assistance and voice input.
  4. We change Google for Alexa.

After changing the wizard, you can call it by pressing and holding the start button. Instead of Google Assistant, now Amazon will be the assistant that answers us.

The main difference between Google and Alexa

Is Alexa or Google Assistant better? Today it is difficult to determine since it is more a matter of testing the capabilities of each and being able to decide which of the two attendees best suits your day to day.

On features of Google Assistant useful in my day to day that do not work at the moment in Alexa I highlight the be able to send WhatsApp messages o Telegram from the assistant, set timers or even something as basic as making a phone call. In those aspects, Alexa is very green today.

A determining point of Alexa is its skills, something we can understand as voice applications. From the Alexa application you are installing skills that increase the potential of the assistant. Right now I have installed the skill from Yeelight to control my light bulb, and their routines seem more powerful and easier to configure than those of Google.

Of course, remember that sometimes it is not necessary to make a choice and you can live with the two. With one drawback: only one can be the default assistant.