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Garmin Venu Review: Garmin becomes OLED (Update: On sale for $ 100 off!)

Update: November 27, 2019: The Garmin Venu is on sale for Black Friday 2019 for only $ 299.99 ($ ??100 off). This is a fantastic deal considering the high price of the $ 400 watch at launch. Click on the following link for the deal!

Garmin Venu The best multisport watch you can buy now

The Garmin Venu is our favorite multisport GPS watch available right now. It is an even better purchase now that it is for sale! If you are already a fan of Garmin watches but want something with an OLED display, the Venu is the one for you.

Garmin launched its 2019 line of GPS smart watches at IFA this year for large and small budgets. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is in the middle of the package as the Vivoactive 3 tracking of 2017. Take the new Vivoactive 4, add an OLED screen and some design settings, and have the Garmin Venu.

The Venu is a big problem for Garmin: it is the company's first smartwatch with an OLED display. Undoubtedly, this will attract more people (lase: not just athletes), but is it good enough to take people away from more established product lines like Apple Watch? Find out in our review of Garmin Venu.

Garmin Venu Review Notes: I used the Garmin Venu for eight days, running software version 3.40. The Garmin Venu review unit was paired with my Google Pixel 3 for the duration of this review.

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Garmin Venu Review: The Overview

Garmin has been manufacturing smart fitness watches for years, but they have always focused on practicality about design. Now, the company is trying to make a sports watch more accessible with the Garmin Venu, its first OLED smart watch. You can consider it as a device "the best of both worlds": it looks much better than previous Garmin smartwatches, but also spares no physical conditioning functions.

However, the smart watch market is difficult to decipher. The Apple Watch Series 5 is For real well, and so is the Fossil Gen 5. Can Garmin's high-priced sports watch steal some of the competition? Or is it still only for people focused on fitness?

Design and hardware

side buttons of the garmin venu 2 review caseside buttons of the garmin venu 2 review case

I can't help thinking that the button design is a bit underused. The controls are quite easy to understand: once you press those two buttons, everything else is controlled through the touch screen. However, it is a bit strange that the upper physical button does not work anything when you are in the mens, in addition to opening the context menu with a long press. When you are not in the watch face, a single touch does nothing. It's not a big deal, it's a bit strange. I still think it should act as a "selection" button.

In other places, the case is small and light with only 46.3 grams. It is easy to use all day and night without getting in the way, which is a great advantage in the world of portable devices. The silicone strap is fine, but there is nothing to highlight. It is a standard rubber strap that is perfect for use when exercising, but it is not the prettiest.

Garmin Venu review watch case case on table 9