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Carrying information in mobility conditions outside of laptops and smartphones is important in many occasions. One of the best options that exist for this are the pendrives, as they offer wide compatibility and smooth operation. The new SSD Bullet It is a model that is the best there is in the market in all areas. This is what you get with him.

As its name indicates, this accessory includes storage inside SSD, so we talk about a performance that is excellent and that reaches 500 MB / s real, which allows you to perform all kinds of work (including having an operating system installed). In what has to do with the capacity offered in this device, the options offered by the manufacturer are really high: 1 or 2 TB, so it is a perfect solution even for what you have great needs when saving data when going from one place to another and be able to share it easily.

SSD Bullet in use

A design that makes Bullet SSD completely different

We say this due to several reasons. The first is that its dimensions are small, they are the following: 51 x 16 x 8 mm (It does not lack a cover that ensures good resistance over time). In addition, its weight is only 18 grams, so you don't practically notice anything that is carried, for example, in your pocket or hung on the keys – something for what is intended, on the other hand. Other things that makes this pendrive different, which has a shape that allows it to fit on any computer or smartphone, is that it is compatible with the standard IP67, so water and dust are not exactly a problem.

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Other virtues offered by Bullet SSD is its wide compatibility. To start, the connection you use by default is the USB type C, which allows it to be very current but it does not lack a type A converter so it can always be used (including old equipment). In addition, if you wonder about operating systems where there is no problem in using this accessory, the most common are supported: Windows; macOS; Android; Linux; etc. Therefore, in this section there is no problem.

Some final details and purchase of this SSD pendrive

Apart from taking advantage of the good resistance offered by the Solid State technology that it uses, it also does so in what has to do with consumption, so does not impact the autonomy very negatively which usually has laptops. Thus, Bullet SSD stays at 10 mW, so we are facing one of the least existing models on the market. By the way, it is interesting to know that the type of memory used is NAND (Micron MLC) and the controller is an SM2258XT.

Interior of the SSD Bullet pendrive

If you are interested in this flash drive that offers striking options such as its resistance and the large integrated storage capacity despite its small size, it is now possible to get this accessory in Kickstarter where it has already obtained financing. With a price that is located from the 81 euros -the 1 TB model-, shipments are made in March 2020.