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Facebook pay users to transfer their personal data with this app

  • The first study of the new app focus on user welfare

  • Initially, Viewpoints request data such as email, name, gender and date of birth

  • For now the initiative is only available in the US, but there will be more passes in 2020

Among the most frequent concerns of users on the internet is the privacy of their personal data. Thus, several companies have been involved in disputes over the use of insights deprived of people. A few days ago, Facebook is accused of giving apps Dating information without community permission. TikTok, meanwhile, is being investigated by United States authorities (USA) for fears of national security.

It is not only individuals who are concerned about the indiscriminate use of their personal data. According Medium, several agents and organizations are concerned about the lack of transparency of companies when private information gaps occur. Netwrix, on the other hand, says that the institutions believe that these insights increase the incidence of fraud and identity theft. According Blue Fountain Media, these fears are top-of-mind in 2019.

At the same time, data has become an indispensable resource for marketing activities. Several digital platforms use this information to provide more accurate advertising services. Countless brands employ the insights of your audience to give a more personalized and precise treatment to your customers. In this context, several companies try to find alternative systems to follow operations without violating people's privacy.

A new Facebook data collection app

Through a post official in his blog, the world's largest social network officially launched its own solution. It's about the app Viewpoints, which reward people for sharing personal data with the company. The above, through surveys, tasks and research among other forms. The project is described as a market application, focused on improving brand products: Facebook, Portal, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Oculus.

Related Notes

In exchange for providing your personal information and information, Facebook reward users with points. Initially these awards will not have a specific value. However, as people gather more, they can reach certain participation milestones. Then the company will make a payment directly to the person's PayPal account. Every time people want to participate in a study, they will be told specifically in what their answers will be used.

Enough to calm worries?

Facebook is not the first company to launch an alternative program for data collection, or to stop depending so much on people's personal information. Apple Lanz recently his app to support medical research, but without rewards for users. Google, since September, try contextual advertising to stop depending so much on the insights private. Facebook itself launched a similar idea, Study, from last june.

All these initiatives represent new models to collect and process user data and are certainly a positive change against the status quo previous. However, there is still the question of whether it is enough to reassure the general public. Of course, people feel more willing to share their information if that represents an immediate and tangible benefit. Especially if it is a kind of direct remuneration.

At the same time, there are many individuals who would prefer to keep their privacy and their data safe, if they are given that option. In large part, because the information collection and use systems are still not clear or transparent enough. Again, initiatives such as Viewpoints are a step forward and definitely something positive for the environment. But now brands must work to regain the trust of all users.