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Enjoy your holidays with these offline games

Now that the holidays arrive, you have to disconnect to the fullest. Everything, also the Internet. Although not of the games, that these 5 titles can take them in the mobile and play them whenever you want.

The free-to-play model has made the games free for download and use, although always with the counterpart of need connection and be constantly watching all kinds of ads. And what happens when you want to disconnect on vacation? That those games can't be used, of course. Although there are always options, such as those I propose in this article.

There are many complete games in the Google Play Store, also those that also do not need an Internet connection. Given the immense amount of tastes it is difficult to agree; hence, I have selected 5 games that, due to their quality and extension, worth it to anyone. Especially if you haven't played them.

Old?s man journey

Old's man journey

I love this game, both graphically and for its deep history. It is an experience to accompany the protagonist on his trip. The pity is that the story is a sad thing, like coming home after the holidays. Although yes: you will love it as soon as you try it. It is not too long, but you can enjoy every stroke of your hand-painted scenes.

Old?s man journey It is a small masterpiece. Of course, it costs a lot compared to usual. By cons it is complete, it works offline and has no in-app purchases. Nor does it have dialogues.

Lumino City

Lumino City

Another one of those hand-created games that take us to a miniature world full of beauty and puzzles. It is a masterpiece of mobile games. And it has all the components to become the best companion of the most tedious moments of the holidays. Refresh your intelligence and unravel the mystery of Lumino City.

It complies with the premises that I have marked for the article, even if some price is also gone: 5.49 euros. As in the previous one, Lumino City is worth every penny of what it costs.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

I cannot collect games for an offline compilation and leave myself on the road to this gem of video games. It is true that his level of violence is excessive, but it also depends on how you behave within the world of San Andreas. It is so complete that you can spend all your vacations playing and not do half of all the missions and secrets. If you want some advice, take it before the holidays and add a physical command: pure vice although more than 10 years have passed through this GTA.

To enjoy in all its breadth it is recommended that you have a more or less powerful mobile. Also with enough capacity, that the game files are immense. In addition, you need 6.99 euros.


This game is a few years old, but it remains the first day. It is a puzzle with animated numbers in which we will have to put pieces together to get the maximum score. It seems simple, but it becomes a challenge to the first change. And you need some strategy to get maximum scores …