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Do antivirus still make sense in the middle of 2020?

Until a few years ago when we started our computer for the first time, or when we formatted the system, we didn't waste time installing a antivirus to be protected from minute one. Now, however, that apparent danger seems to have vanished (or at least reduced) thanks to solutions that have emerged over time: from compromise in browsers and internet protocols to double-factor verification systems or knowledge itself of the user, referring to the common quotation the best antivirus is the common sense.

Even today, this custom of carrying an antivirus on any computer device of intensive use continues, reaching, of course, smartphones and tablets. But we are still in danger or with the antivirus that is installed by default on our PC is enough?

He ransomware and the phishing, two of the scams that most affect users (and that antivirus help us avoid)

You've probably read something about him ransomware, a mechanism that cybercriminals use to encrypt all your files (that is, leaving them inaccessible) in exchange for a sum of money to release them again; what will become a digital kidnapping.

Although many of these attacks are aimed at large corporations (lately the SER Chain, Prosegur and several hospitals have made headlines), the truth is that ordinary users are not safe either.

On the other side is the phishing, one of the most popular traps in recent times. In this case, the scammer sends an email by passing through an entity – be it a bank, a telephone company, of services, etc. – where he tells the client that he must enter his login data (or similar) referring to a reason for important urgency, taking you to a page that emulates that of that company but in which the offender receives the access information.

Reasons like these have forced the most popular antivirus to have developed protection tools against this sophisticated modern malware. For example, the Bitdefender Espaa antivirus has its Bitdefender Total Security 2020 suite that includes several layers of ransomware protection and even a dedicated browser specially designed to avoid fraudulent transactions during online banking purchases and transactions; all multi-device (Windows, macOS, iOS and Android).

Security programs and apps have had to be modernized and no longer only protect us against infected files

Likewise, we highlight the mining of cryptocurrencies as another of the great threats that also protect us the most prepared antivirus. With the rise of digital currencies, there are few viruses that infect our computer becoming a slave or a zombie; Without the user knowing, he is mining digital money for the benefit of the cybercriminal and at the expense of the device's resources. Have you noticed it too slowly for no reason? Maybe it's a zombie.

And finally, we add to all this traditional malware, commonly linked to the pirate. Although this has been reduced in recent years mainly thanks to the platforms that cover different fields of entertainment, it remains one of the core of the network.

So, today, it seems quite clear that antivirus programs are still extremely useful, especially if we don't know the dangers that are addressed to us on the Internet, or worse, the new ones that come up every so often.