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Cortana in Spanish is already on Android with the Microsoft launcher

Microsoft has been doing really well on Android for a while now. Since he realized that his strategy with Windows Phone had no future, he bet on services and that meant using Android as a Trojan horse.

One of the most ambitious apps of the company is Microsoft Launcher, an application that allowed you to replace the desktop of any Android device by implementing the advantages of the Microsoft ecosystem. Now this app has been updated (in beta at the moment) and has introduced three very relevant news.

Cortana is already in Spanish

The biggest news is that we can use Cortana on our Android mobile as the main assistant since he has learned Spanish. On computers we already had it available but until now it was not on Android.

We can ask you anything, as we do with the Google or Alexa assistant.

Quick notes synchronized with the computer

The second function is even more practical because it allows us to dictate or write any note from the mobile and will be automatically synchronized through our Microsoft account to have it available on the computer. In fact this paragraph has been dictated entirely from the mobile and then we have copied it from the Windows application.

We can change the background of the notes to make them easier to find but it is certainly a much more comfortable function than Keep, provided we use a computer with Microsoft's operating system, of course.

Digital Maintenance

The latest news is called Digital Maintenance and is the Microsoft version of Digital Wellbeing or Digital Wellbeing, one of the novelties of Android 9 Pie. It tells us how much we use the mobile and in which applications and games we spend more time.

The version of the Microsoft Launcher that incorporates these novelties is the 5.1 that is still in beta. You can join this phase of the program in this link but you can also install the APK from APK Mirror.