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Build your Minecraft world in real with Minecraft Earth

Finally We already have Minecraft Earth in beta. This morning you had to receive the notification on your mobile if you registered in the previous pair so start your journey with the augmented reality of one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Expected to be one of the most valued games by different generations and for being lucky enough to bring the Minecraft experience to our neighborhood, town or city. An experience that wins many integers if we have a high performance device, since there are players who are verifying in their own person that the experience is not the desired one.

Create community works with other players

Minecraft earth

If there is one thing for which Minecraft itself has been one of the most high-ranking games by many, it is because of its creative ability and because it is very collaborative. We could see entire cities built by a community of players and the most creative occurrences of the most insightful and daring minds.

Minecraft earth

And this is what takes Minecraft Earth to be able to create and collaborate in constructions that we will see through augmented reality of Minecraft. That is, you will be able to place your own impressive creations in the real world with their real size.

And not only this, but you can collaborate with others to create wonderful buildings and constructions. As we have seen in many videos during these years since Minecraft exploded to the surprise of many. Especially so it gives if building with blocks and that collects many of the childhood longings of many with LEGO.

The Minecraft Earth gameplay

Minecraft earth

From the first moment Minecrat Earth takes us to the world of augmented reality of Minecraft, but of the area in which we are located. This leads to the GPS usage is going to be constant in order to position yourself properly on the enlarged map.

Minecraft earth

And as in Pokémon GO or Harry Potter Wizards Unite, we will find a limited radius in which we can "touch" from objects, even unique creatures or enter into unique adventures. These objects will be transformed into the materials that will allow us to later manufacture all kinds of things and use them in those creations that we will place in all the places we want.

These creations are linked to the level, so until level 5 you will have a building plate that you will use to be the base of a future pyramid or that huge tall building as if we were in New York. In Minecraft the limit is imagination, so go thinking that you want to build. And if you have friends, collaborate because you are going to be able to build wonderful things.

Put the foundation of your creation