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Apple will have sent some wrong cables for the iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro and its accessories

Since 2012 that Apple has used the charging cable with one Lightning end and the other a USB type A connector. After a long time users asked for a improvement for the charging of its devices, Apple decided to listen to them and recently with the arrival of the iPhone 11 Pro a new cable with USB type C to give it a fast charge, but apparently so much production and packaging time made Apple confuse and send Lightning -USB-A connectors to new users.

The history

According to a Slovak blog dedicated to Apple, there was a confusion in the packaging, probably from China which is where pack the iPhone. This error could have happened to several, so at least more than one user could have been the bad luck in not being able to perform the first charge of your device.

This blog mentions all of the above because a follower named Michal wrote for share his case, then when buying your new device and still having the security that the box was packed correctly, it found with a Lightning cable with a USB-A instead of the USB-C. Even included the 18w USB-C charger.

Cable error in iPhone 11 Pro

Being the first time that Apple's packing partners face a change in the accessories, the confusion is latent, because only this kind of cable is found in the iPhone 11 Pro and if the packaging areas they are not separated, the same accelerated production could influence mistakes like this.

In the end, the blog mentions that Michal made the report indicated to the store where you bought your device, waiting for a solution to your situation, for now can not make use of this cable to perform faster load and depends on a USB-A type power supply.

This case serves as experience to always keep in mind that it is important check The accessory compartment of the box of the new device, so you have the assurance that everything is in order. Even if possible review it inside from the same store.

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