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Apple wants to sell more than 100 million iPhone 12 in 2020 thanks to 5G

iphone 12

Apple is telling its supply chain manufacturing companies to wait more than 100 million orders for iPhone 12 During the next year 2020, very high predictions, as reported from DigiTimes.

In comparison, this year 2019 is estimated that the three different models of iPhone 11 reach 80 million of units sold. A jump to 100 million units (or more) will represent a large increase in demand.

This level of sales in 2020 could be reflected thanks to the arrival of 5G connectivity, but we can also take into account other factors such as the renewal of the design of the new iPhone, a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, etc. What is Apple kept up its sleeve?

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Sales of the future iPhone 12

Apple estimates collected by DigiTimes are based on predictions that Apple has provided to its associates in the supply chain so that they can be preparing for the production of iPhone 12 during the next year.

The mobile phone industry has registered a large one over the past few years. Therefore, think that Apple will increase sales of its iPhone 12 in 2020 by up to twenty % With respect to this year, he suggests that the signature of the bitten apple has something very big planned.

Analysts expect the proliferation of connectivity networks 5G and the infrastructure of the operators will lead consumers to renew their smartphones. On the other hand, there has also been talk about the introduction of a ToF camera and a design change inspired by the iPhone 4. Now we just have to wait to see why Apple is so sure of the success of the future iPhone 12. What do you think about this new?