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Android 4.2 is now official: we present your news


Android 4.2 is now official: we present your news

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October 29, 2012

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In addition to the new devices NexusGoogle has also made the new version of its operating system official today. Android 4.2, which, at the moment, seems to remain Jelly Bean, brings us many new features, some expected and others that have really surprised. We give you all the details.

One of the most commented news has to do with the camera functions. Android 4.1 has already brought us some interesting changes in this regard, significantly improving responsiveness. Now in Android 4.2In addition to a new design for controls, we have an improvement, which may not be so necessary, but which, without a doubt, is much more spectacular. What have been called ?photo sphere?Is but the option to take pictures of 360º, taking the logic of panoramic photos one step further, allowing us to join photos taken by moving the camera in any direction, and not just from left to right.

Android 4.2 photo sphere

It has also sought in the new update to improve the native Android keyboard, which now includes new gestures to type, allowing us to enter text with sliding movements (the spaces between word and word are automatically entered when you lift your finger). To do yet easier to write From our Android devices, in addition, the prediction system has been improved, which will allow us to select whole words to complete our messages.

Another of the great novelties, although little surprising in this case, is the addition of multi-user support, although this is an option that will be available only for tablets. We already knew that the basis for implementing this functionality was there since the first version of Jelly bean and it had been speculated for quite some time, as we had already informed you, that the next version would develop it completely, and it has been so. Sharing tablets, similar to how it is done with PCs, will be much easier from now on.

Android 4.2 multi-user

Another minor change with which it was also speculated and that has been equally confirmed is the access to settings from the notification center. Other "minor" news would be the possibility of wirelessly connecting our Android devices with the TV or features "daydream?(Which basically consists of displaying photos from our gallery or notifications of an application on the unlock screen) and? beam ?(which allows devices with NFC share photos, documents or data even more easily).

Finally, and although it does not translate into new features, Google says that the new version will implement important improvements in consumption and, of course, in terms of responsiveness and fluidity, continuing with the line of work initiated for Android 4.1 with the Project Butter.