concepto macos

A designer shows a macOS concept similar to the iPadOS

Macos concept
Think about how each could be new version of operating systems Apple is a task that opens the imagination of the most loyal users of the brand, and shows the company what they might be waiting for.

Although there is nothing to indicate that Apple plans to change the appearance of macOS by 2020, recently designer Kamer Avdan who has taken on the task of showing how it could be the next redesign of "macOS 11".

According to the first images of this concept, Advan has opted for a more alternative similar to iPadOS in several aspects.

A macOS very similar to iPadOS

The most obvious of the proposal of this designer, is an interface inspired by the gestures on the iPad that allows methods to drag and drop the icons versioned to a flatter form. In that concept it is possible to drag and drop a document by passing the mouse over an open application

Likewise, a function is evidenced that will allow users add some widgets to the Mac desktop, such as calendar events and weather, as in the iPad home screen with iPadOS. To change these options also the mens have been positioned on the left side of the window.

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Other details that do not go unnoticed in the design are the dark mode of true black color, redesigned mission control, Face ID interface for new Mac, better pairing process for AirPods, a new gesture to instantly share files on AirDrop and Siri suggestions on Spotlight.

Apple announced months ago iPadOS, a new operating system is set for iPad and designed to help maximize productivity of those who prefer this device. Since then, there have been only positive comments for the customization of the system, so it may not be the first proposal for MacOS, inspired by this operating system.