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Your Twitter username may be claimed by another person

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Getting away from social networks from time to time is not a bad idea, but if you have not used your Twitter account for a long time, you should log in or risk having your profile deleted and losing your username. A final report indicates that inactive users will soon be removed from the site, as Twitter plans to delete all accounts without activity from next month. Usernames or handles They will be released and can be used by other people.

A BBC news reporter, Dave Lee, broke the news on Twitter and said the social network plans to eliminate accounts that have been inactive for more than six months. According to the report, the process will begin on December 11, so if you have an account that you have not logged in for a while, you should do so, and at least send a tweet.

For its part, Twitter issued a statement to TechCrunch on the matter, saying: ?As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we are working to clear inactive accounts to present more accurate and credible information that people can trust. On twitter. Part of this effort is to encourage people to actively log in and use Twitter when they register an account, as indicated in our Inactive Account Policy. The social network also said that it has already begun a proactive approach with the owners of many accounts that have not logged in to Twitter in more than six months, to inform them that their accounts can be permanently deleted due to prolonged inactivity. However, he did not give official information on how he plans to eliminate them nor gave an estimate of how many inactive accounts exist on his platform.

The current Twitter Inactive Accounts policy states that inactivity is based on logging in, not tweeting, so if you have recently logged into your account but have not sent a tweet, you should not have problems.

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