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Xiaomi reveals that there are more than 279 million MIUI users »ERdC

Xiaomi reveals that there are more than 279 million MIUI users

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The personalized user interface for Xiaomi Smartphone, MIUI, has taken a lot of popularity. In spite of the criticism that arose because the company decided to introduce ads in the user interface; comes to enter the list of user interface based on Android, people's favorite.

The company recently announced that it has more than 279 million MIUI users. Xiaomi also reports that more than three million MIUI users; they have more than five devices connected to the internet of things (loT); These include Smart Kitchens, Smart Locks, ect.

The Xiaomi IoT platform has connected to around 196 million IoT equipment. The devices include Xiaomi smart TVs, AC, air purifiers, humidifiers and new fans, among other things. In addition, he adds that there are more than 49.9 million users of its smart speakers that can control a large number of company devices.

The company makes the announcement only a few months after Xiaomi made the launch of its latest custom user interface, that of MIUI 11. The company's new operating system, MIUI 11, is based on the latest Android 10.

The characteristics of the newest version are as follows.

  • New softer icons and animations. Xiaomi has made the modification of the appearance of the icons found in the user interface; and now they have a minimalist but attractive appearance. The animations have also been modified, now being slower compared to MIUI 10; however, they are responsible for providing a rich and immersive experience.
  • Ultra power saving mode. Its function is to prolong the useful life of the battery when it is quite exhausted. The company express that while the device is in this mode; A Smartphone can provide a backup battery of up to 24 hours with only 5% of the battery. When this mode is activated, the device turns off the Wi-Fi module, hides non-essential applications, changes the screen color to black and white and restricts background processes.
  • Mode for children. Aimed at parents looking to generate a secure digital environment for their children. While in child mode, the device will only be able to run applications included in its parents' white list. It also has an educational space that according to the company; It is an intuitive way to teach young children.
  • Transmission to external screen. It allows smart phones running on MIUI 11 to wirelessly transmit on-screen content that includes games, videos, documents and other applications to the TV, since the TV also supports this functionality.
  • Digital well-being: Device owners can verify how much time they spend on each application and, if necessary; They can reduce the use time to maintain a healthy mental and physical well-being.
  • Earthquake Alerts: With the help of data provided by regional offices, devices running MIUI 11 can notify their owner in case of an earthquake in progress or after one occurs. In addition, they also provide additional details such as nearby relief centers and places to use the medical service in case of an accident.


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