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Xiaomi presents a filter to eliminate bad odors in the car

The Asian manufacturer does not stop expanding its product range. The Pekn-based firm is maximizing its collective financing platform to present solutions of all kinds. In this way, it manages to cover an increasingly large number of markets following a very clear premise: to offer a price-quality relationship that is difficult to overcome. And his new air purifier for car Xiaomi It is a new example of this.

One of the things we like most when we buy a car is that characteristic new smell. Yes, that characteristic fragrance that makes it clear that our new vehicle has just left the factory so that we can get the maximum performance. The problem is that this aroma does not last forever. And sooner than later it disappears completely.

To this, smale the fact that there are times that the car does not smell exactly like roses. That if a stain here, that if too many hours inside for long trips … In short, the air is at least stale. And this is where the Xiaomi Air Purifier P6, a device that will allow you to clean the air in your car completely.


Xiaomi Air Purifier P6, an air purifier to make your car smell better than ever

To start, we talk about a product that is capable of filtering the air of the car through its internal fans, which have the capacity to absorb formaldehyde and other unpleasant odors that any vehicle can have. To give you an idea of ??its capacity, in just 5 minutes it is able to eliminate any bad smell.

Xiaomi air purifier

On the other hand, this Xiaomi Air Purifier P6 offers a pleasant aroma so that any trip, especially long-distance ones, is as pleasant as possible. And, what is more interesting. The temperature is adjustable, so it also acts as an air conditioner. To make this curious gadget from the Chinese manufacturer work, all you need is to connect the adapter to your vehicle's cigarette lighter. The purifier in s is wireless, so you can place it anywhere.

Oh, and how could it be otherwise in such a device, the Xiaomi Air Purifier P6 It is silent, so as not to burden the travel experience during your vacation. Its price? Say that you can buy for 499 yuan, about 65 euros to change.

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