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Xiaomi fast charger with 45 W of power and touch screen

The manufacturer based in Pekn does not stop launching solutions of all kinds. We have already seen its full range of products for sports, all kinds of smart devices that we can control from our mobile phone, external batteries … And now, it is the turn of a fast charger which stands out for four very interesting reasons: its restrained design, power of 45 W, LED display and safety button.

Yes, we are talking about a fast charger that is ideal for traveling with him and not worrying about anything. More than anything because its reversible design makes the tickets can be hidden further reducing its size. On the other hand, it has an exit USB traditional, besides a port USB Type C, Ideal for charging your laptop. And eye, that its 45 W of power guarantee a fast load on any compatible device.

fast charger from Xiaomi

More details of the new Xiaomi fast charger

Continuing with the characteristics of this Xiaomi charger, the next interesting point has to do with the LED screen that integrates this new gadget from the manufacturer. Through this panel, you can see the voltage at all times, which is especially suitable for charging certain gadgets, such as your laptop.

But, the big strength comes with the Physical button that integrates the head of this fast charger. More than anything because it will have several functions. In this way, we can configure it to turn it on, off or have it activated for a certain period of time. To do this, it has a pressure system. If you keep the button pressed for three seconds, it will turn off. A quick press activates it and two presses will make the current work for 8 hours.

fast charger Xiaomi

And finally we have the issue of security, the main reason why it is the best fast charger for travel. Yes, its dimensions are restrained, but it is not a subject to be taken into account. What is very important are the different mechanisms in the face of power surges that it uses.

When we charge our phone, tablet or any other portable device abroad, especially if we are in certain countries where electricity is not precisely stable, we may worry about a possible increase in voltage. Yes, it can happen to us at home, but this fast Xiaomi charger is your best ally. More than anything because it has all kinds of systems that will prevent a surge in voltage, or any other type of overload, from damaging your device.

fast charger

Regarding the price of this new Xiaomi gadget, say that it has a price that makes it really attractive: about 18 euros to change. Taking into account all its technical characteristics, it is one of those signature products that you should have in your home. And yes, it is most likely that it does not reach Spain officially, but you can always search through external suppliers, even if the price of this price rises slightly fast charger 45 W.

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